Marks of a Healthy Church


This short course “Marks of a Healthy Church” is to help Christians develop a healthy and biblical understanding of characteristics that distinguish between healthy churches and sicklier ones. In the course we borrow heavily from Mark Dever’s book Nine Marks of a Healthy Church.

We spend the first session backtracking and examining the marks of the true church and then begin working through marks of a healthy church for the remainder of the course. Here is an outline:

I. Marks of the True Church:

A. The Right Preaching of the Word of God.

B. The Pure Administration of the Sacraments.

C. Love for the Brethren.

II. Marks of a Healthy Church:

A. Expositional Preaching.

B. Biblical Theology.

C. A Biblical Understading of the Gospel.

D. A Biblical Understading of Conversion.

E. A Biblical Understading of Evangelism.

F. A Biblical Understading of Church Membership.

G. Biblical Church Discipline.

H. A Concern for Promoting Christian Discipleship.

I. Biblical Church Leadership.